Do you havean egomaniacal friend who is so fullof themselves and u don't

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
January 30, 2007 12:25am CST
get exactly why they think that they are so bomb? I do. She is constantly calling me up to tell me about what her man had done for her and/or to her now. She is extemely self absorbed and very very demanding and critical of those men who make contributions to her favorite charity, Her. and is just overimpressed entirely with herself and with her value as a mate. Let me tell ya folks all of the attitude gets old fast. So do you have any firends like this? What do you do with or about them? Are they really capable of being friends?
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@dana234 (2116)
• Spain
30 Jan 07
I wouldn´t choose these kind of people as friends, because I don´t think I could tolerate their attitude for a long time. I´ve known people like this and always maintained a certain distance. They can be an aquaintance but not a friend to me. Friendship is give and take and in my opinion people like your friend are not capable of giving. They just end up draining you mentally.
@crosa125 (1484)
30 Jan 07
let's see what she is going to say after i told her what you said?