why do men cheat..even if they have s very good wife?

@yanjiaren (9050)
January 30, 2007 3:54pm CST
why ndo so many men cheat? i know a lot of momen do as well but it is predominantly with men..and i would like sincere and honeset answers from our men folk..i really want to understand this..it is very important for me to understand why before condemning anyone ..if you get my drift..it is good to look into the psyche of men and understand them and see where we may be going wrong..or they..
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
30 Jan 07
Who knows why some men cheat. Maybe it's from the thrill of the chase, or maybe it's just an ego boost because it makes them think they're still hot. Some might get bored with the relationship they're in, for whatever reason, like the familiarity breeds contempt idea. Some of them are just players who want a woman to come home to, for children and stability, with a little extra on the side. I think it shows that they're not truly committed to the relationship, because when you get married it's for better or worse, richer or poorer, through good and bad. Every relationship has it's ups and downs and it takes both of them working 100% to keep it together. If they were truly committed they wouldn't think about other people and straying from their partner because it would matter to them, for the sake of their relationship, that they stay honest and true.
@yanjiaren (9050)
31 Jan 07
thankyou..a least one person was brave enough to answer this one..