I am about to lose hope...

@howiedy (236)
January 30, 2007 11:27pm CST
I do not love my job anymore. It is so stressful. I do not love upselling. I do not understand why it is a part of the metrics that need to be met. I am about to lose hope. In a month our family will be moving to our new home and we badly need the money. I am caught in between of staying or leaving the job. I cannot just leave work without finding and landing a new one. Going to work is becoming to be a nightmare for me. I want to try Korean online teaching but the pay is not that attractive. Guide me please I do not know what to do.
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• Philippines
1 Feb 07
i hope you find an alternative job soon, staying in a job which only makes you feel miserable is hell... i have a thread on people's experiences resigning, you may find some of the comments helpful. good luck and hope everything turns out well for you...
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@howiedy (236)
• Philippines
2 Feb 07
Thank you. I will check that out if I have ample time since I do not get enough sleep from work. Hope you can also respond to my other topics. thanks
@villageanne (8554)
• United States
31 Jan 07
I feel so sorry for you. It is so hard and yes stressful when you dont enjoy your job. I know from personal experience. I was so stressed out all the time that I was hateful at home to my family. I finally quit and the stress went away. The bad thing is that you have to have a job to support your family. I was fortunate enough to have a husband who worked. good luck in your decision.