We believe that we are the container either full or empty..

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
January 31, 2007 2:20am CST
We are in fact not the jug to be filled, the need Nor are we the furtile field to be tilled or sown with seed Rather I am a spring with a hidden source, running not wild but definitely free, free to flow by the powers that be I flow into a cistern and slake the thirst of one or perhaps in good times as many as two or maybe even three But if too many come to stand under the trees and drink from the stream that is me None will be sated all will retain their parchment Until under the bare and empty tree in search of more they'll turn from me This is not a great loss to the stream that is me And I am not ashamed that there are unsated many As I may be free, but only flowing freely enough to fill one or two three possibly One day there will be none to drink off my pooling in the cistern that is not the end of the the streams journey Just a pooling a waystation to overflow and continue flowing free Until I meet a steam that welcomes me in it's journey long though it may be Through fertile fields nad villages, through winds and lee, Until at our the final destination of the jouney We join and are lost to become one with the sea. Jan 31st. Poet Sharon Early
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