free upgrade on window vista?

United States
January 31, 2007 1:03pm CST
i purchased a dell online and they said that i can get a free express upgrade from window vista.. anyone have the same thing, and i was wondering when i can get it?
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@Asylum (48215)
• Manchester, England
31 Jan 07
The majority of computer manufacturers have been offering the free upgrade for a while now. You pay for the operating system and software installed on a computer as well as the hardware itself, so with Vista being so near to release the offer was introduced. Most companies provide a contact address to write to in order to claim the upgrade, and supply a CD in return. I would advise checking the documentation that came with your computer or contacting Dell direct for further details.
• United States
1 Feb 07
thanks, yeah. i might contact them.. ive read that you have to send them proof and some other stuff.
• Canada
31 Jan 07
If it is free, it certainly is only a test or beta version for vista. I would not purchase anything labelled with "free included" etc. This means it is a consumer product and they want to test it on you. So really it will not be free but to your cost of testing it out for them. This may prove unwise as softwares do tend to have bugs with them, and if any security holes are exploited it could be you who is the victim in this 'free' version upgrade.
• United States
31 Jan 07
it is free. its for dell laptops or i dont know if they have any other dell computers that do that, because if you buy it between a certain time, they give you the free express upgrade for vista. its on im just curious if anyone else got the vista yet.