Are we getting more rude?

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February 2, 2007 12:05pm CST
When I was pregnant I had to travel back and forth on a train to my job. I travelled during peak rush hour time, so you know the train was crowded. I had an hour long train ride two and from work, and not ONCE did anyone offer me a seat. I was visibly pregnant and tired, and no one offered their seat to me! Growing up, my mother always told me to give up my seat to the elderly, pregnant, and disabled. I always got up for those people. Are we, as a society, getting more rude?
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3 Feb 07
I think so ... I'm not sure if it's the New york way that people seem to ignore everything around them, or what. Back when my girlfriend & I were in college, the two of us used to sit on my lap instead of the two of us taking up two seats. That did allow an extra person to sit when the bus was crowded.
@xXmeganxX (4422)
2 Feb 07
i think yes people can be ignorant very much so, this happened to me on our buses when it wass jam packed and i was pregnant, i was falling everywhere! i do give my seat to the pregnant, elderley, disabled and blind people because i feel sory for them, and when i was pregnant half of the time, the elderley offered me ther seat more than the young ones did but i refused their offer, id rather them sit down than me!