Horses. I saw this thing on tv that horrified me!

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United States
February 2, 2007 12:49pm CST
One day I was watching a thing on tv about wild horses. This mare had a baby and something was wrong with the babies legs when it was born. So it couldn't get up no matter how hard it tried. The mare seemed pretty distressed about it because the herd was about to be on the move again. Anyway, the stallion saw this situation with the mare and her baby and ran over there to check things out. When he noticed the baby had a defect, he started going crazy! He picked up the baby horse with its mouth by the babys neck and started swinging it around and throwing it. Then the stallion would jump on it. All the other mares were going crazy too but it looked like they were trying to stop the stallion from doing this. I was so horrified when I saw this. From what I concluded by the stallions behavior to the baby was killing it so it wouldnt have to suffer by itself. BUt it horrified me none the less to watch this. What are your thought on this? Did you ever know this was in horses behavios to do this?
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@Calais (10900)
• Australia
3 Feb 07
I think its just instinct, they can not afford to have a foal slow down the herd, its survival of the fittest. But I got goose bumps while reading this, it is horrifying.
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