Do have a compilcated or simple signature- Do you like it

@SHINE333 (1284)
February 4, 2007 1:07am CST
I like my signature its is simple for me
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@Qaeyious (2362)
• United States
9 Mar 07
I use two signatures, both with basically the same lower case letters. The main difference is in the capital letters. I sign a lot of letters at my job, so that is very simple, my first initial and my last name, both with printed capital letters. Now legal documents, including checks I write, I'm more elaborate. If I remember correctly, I was learning calligraphy in middle school, and one font caught my eye. Each letter had a drawing of a rose bloom near the center, so a completed line would have a line of roses throughout the text. I don't draw the roses when I sign but my capital letters is a moderately simplified version of that script.
@jotace (2094)
• Spain
24 Feb 07
When I was a child I have a childish signature, I liked it but I changed it for another one. The second one was very nice, but on the other hand it cost too much for writing it every time, so I decided to change it again. My final and actual signature is very good, simple (but not too much) and the most important for me is that I can write it very quickly.
• China
4 Feb 07
Of course i have, of course i like it. Hehe