Do I go pick up the dog?

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February 6, 2007 9:10am CST
At the beginning of December my husband and I went to the local dog pound to look at dogs as a companion to Sandy, our other dog. She was a stray who came to us 3 years ago (we one claimed her) and she just seemed happier when there were other dogs around. So we went to the pound and fell in love with 2 dogs that were there, and ended up adopting them both. Apollo is a lab mix, 5 1/2 months old and an absolute terror.(My hubby fell in love with him). Brady is 3 months old, we don't know what he is, but he is mellow, sweet and kind. I through a fit like a 3 year old in the pound when I met him. I was not leaving without this lttle guy. Here's the problem.. Apollo digs under the fence to escape the backyard, has broken 2 collars(including a choke chain), broken a leash, destroys our house and will look me directly in the eye and pee all over the floor after I just let him out. The pound has picked him up 4 times running loose, neighbors have brought him home, etc.. Each time we've gone to the pound to pick him up and it's cost $25. He ran away again Saturday night and I was out in 25 below temps looking for him because I was worried he'd freeze to death. He runs away and doesn't come back. The pound called Sunday morning, "we picked up your dog last night,he's at the shelter you can come get him Monday." Well, it's Tuesday and I haven't gone to get him. I hate to say it, because obviously I should've thought before taking on 3 dogs, but it's been so peaceful around here without him. Do I leave him? The kids don't even seem to notice he's gone. I just feel guilty because we adopted him and now we can't handle him. What would you do?
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