Did you "volunteer" to pay taxs?

@Kowgirl (3491)
United States
February 6, 2007 12:29pm CST
I am tired of being lied to aren't you? We as Americans were given a choice. We could "volunteer" to pay taxs or end up in jail. Some choice, huh? How many of you would NOT pay the Federal Income Tax if we trully had this choice? Are you as afraid of the IRS as you are death? Most Americans are. Do you think our government is being fair to us by making us give a third party a portion of the money we worked for? So why do we "Volunteer" to do so?
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6 Feb 07
No, I don't like having to pay taxes at all. I've actually paid very little, since I rarely make much money. It bothers me, though, to have my paychecks turn out to be less than I thought. It feels like I'm not getting all the value out of the work I do. Especially the whole Social Security and Medicare. I'm 23 and the way things are going there's a really good chance that one or more of these programs won't be around anymore by the time I'm eligible for them. So it's really disappointing to know that the government is taking money out of my pocket for programs that won't be there for me. I mean, I'm all for helping people and all, but I kinda need to help myself first. Yeah, it's only a few dollars most of the time, but there are times when those few dollars could really help me pay my bills. Instead, I have to work more hours to get enough to pay for things I want/need, like food, rent, phone, internet, clothing, and so on. I work hard for the money I make, and while I understand that the governement needs money to run itself, I really wish they'd take it from people/businesses who have plenty, rather than those like me who are trying to get by. Oh, and the fact that you can't get Earned Income Credit untill you're 25 is bogus. I'm 23 and out on my own, earning income and paying my expenses. Why shouldn't I be eligable for the Earned Income Credit? No one else can claim me as dependent, because I'm supporting myself. Yet I can't claim any exemptions or credits for that because I'm too young. Entirely unfair.