Is wanting to share your passions "normal" in a relationship???

@sharone74 (4839)
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February 7, 2007 12:59am CST
I am one of those "artistic type" people. I sing well and am in the process of trying to get a band together to perform locally. I write poetry. And I write essays and articles as a freelance writer. I am also a college student at the ripe old age of 32 years old thanks to the modern internet. I am a repository of music trivia, songs, song data, and am an extremely eclectic cornecopea of knowledge on lyrics, singers, information pertaining to the performance and appreciation of music. From 50's and 60's soul to the 1980's era Pop. I have had my heavy metal and thrash metal phase while in my teens and I still will listen to some of that music now. What I have learned about myself is that I love to share my love of music and the beauty of human emotion as displayed in music. I love all genres of music and I can rap, freestyle, do hip-hop, duets, origional musical pieces, and I even sing Gershwin and Rogers & Hammerstein movie tunes from The King and I, The sound of Music, Mary Poppins, etcetera. While the man that I am with admittedly is not a musical afficianado, he is tone deaf, he cannot sing, and he missed the entire 80's, 90's, all the way through 2004 when he met me. Music unless it was gospel music interested him not a whit Although every boyfriend that I have ever been with has always encouraged me to sing and perform, whether they had any singing talent at all (most could do the appreciation, but were completely lacking in the talent and ability to do more than listen to music) I find myself expressing my mood and my knowledge and musical skills to share great songs with my boyfriends. I think that white middle aged 35-45 years old guys, really NEEd and appreciation of music in the Pop,Hip - Hop, alternative, and rock genres. If they don't they'll get one anyway. Do you try to share things that you are passionate about with your lovers and loved ones too?
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@jenalyn (675)
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7 Feb 07
I can understand the passion for music, although I don't have one as great as yours. My father does, though. He has been a DJ on the weekend for over 20 years and love the blues music. His christmas gifts and birthday presents are always something to do with music. I gave him this book he wanted regarding the history of his collection that I had to order from the UK. If he didn't have this passion for music, it would have made it harder for me to have built such a close relationship with him, because he is hard to get to know otherwise. His whole face lights up as soon as we get on the subjedt of his passion, music. So I beleive it is important to share your passions, and sometimes makes an enormous difference on the type of relationship you have. I love my relationship with my father. Thank god he has a passion for music so that I could connect with him.