Are atheists more intelligent than believers?

February 7, 2007 4:19am CST
A recent study was done by Professor Helmuth Nyborg at the University of Århus (Denmark) showed that Atheists had a 5.8 IQ point advantage on others. Some Us studies have been proving the opposite, and some very High IQ people are also known as believers... So does your faith make you more stupid? Are you more intelligent when you don´t believe in anything?
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@Rittings (673)
7 Feb 07
Er... I have no idea. I am a believer and I don't think that makes me stupid does it?? I am a thinker and I like to have all the facts in front of me before I make genuine decisions, and I did pretty well on all my academic study courses. So I don't know. Maybe I should take a proper IQ test. Maybe we all should do that and post our results and whether we believe or not.. I dunno dude, no idea what the answers are!! Good discussion... Welcome to mylot!
• Denmark
7 Feb 07
Well according to this professor, they are more smart people who are atheist than there are smart people who are believers, but they are also some believers of great intelligence, just not so much ! May be you are on of them ! Professor Nyborgs IQ tests may contain questions which answers may be affect our religious choices, but it is hard to say wether these are directly linked to our personal belief. Same professor did a study, that revealed men are smarter than women ! but let's keep that one for another day :) Thanks for your answer!
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@Asylum (48224)
• Manchester, England
10 Mar 07
Studies of this nature have never produced worthwhile or valid results because they are comparing 2 aspects that are not associated with each other. There are intelligent atheists and intelligent people who follow their religion, just as there are unintelligent people in both categories. We could test 25000 people whose forename begins with a vowel against 25000 people whose forename begins with a consonant, but the rsults will not realistically show that your child will be more intelligent if you choose the right type of name.
• Philippines
7 Feb 07
WElcome to myLot. This is a good discussion. I think that Many Atheist have high IQ. But it doesn't mean that if you are a believer your IQ is low. That doesnt make a sense. They have inteligent and IQ in a different way. same as to those believers.