How do you cope living with Diabetes?

United States
February 7, 2007 2:23pm CST
Since I was diagnosed with it in 1994 it has been a tough long haul. I have cried a great many times trying to manage it and live normally. However, I find though it is more things today to help ease eating some things originally couldn't the health problems arising now are adding stress to it. How do you cope with it? Have you tried keeping a journal, meditation, yoga, homeopathy (alternative medicine/aromatherapy/hydrotherapy), diet and exercise? If so, how has it worked out for you? I found working homeopathic (home remedies) ways into my daily routine to improve my quality of life. Do you have any insight on it as well? If so, please share.
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@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
8 Feb 07
I'm considered borderline diabetic, which means later in life I will probably cross the border. My father was the same way and eventually he did and my sister and one brother is as well. It runs in the family. I try to watch my diet so that way hopefully it won't become full blown till I'm a lot older. It isn't always easy and it can be very frustrating. I try to find ways to also relieve stress. Not sure if it helps or not but I figure it can't hurt. I have meditated in the past although lately finding the time for it isn't always easy. I usually do things on line to distract me from real life pressures.
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• United States
8 Feb 07
That is how Gary was diagnosed, borderline but he didn't care about his health and thought the doctor's were wrong even though his mother was one. Now, sadly to say he takes medication for it. It took me about 11 years to be put on medication, always been diet and exercise but stress is a big factor and weight. If you don't lose and just stay the same as long as you are overweight it still affects the diabetes. Because it slows the metabolism done, I would suggest to try to meditate and use aromatherapy its great for your mood and well-being. It is hard when it runs in the family, like mine all who had it are all deceased now. This is not very encouraging but I am managing it. Yes, it can wait til your 50's or 60's and then kick in but I hope for your sake it doesn't. Exercising and watching your weight and reducing stress will help you greatly if you make these a daily habit. Being online does help as a distraction while playing music which soothes you. Just watch your salt, sugar intake and eat more whole grains, veggies if you can eat them.
@rsa101 (14885)
• Quezon City, Philippines
8 Feb 07
I really don't know the gravity of your case but in my case I was diagnosed early on. I am mildly diabetic as of yet and i am not quite yeat affected by it. My only coping mechanism is that I am on a diet myself and keep those sugar away as far as i am concerned. I have lost a lot of weigh and i felt better and has no complications with the disease so far. I also take medications on a regular basis too to have my blood glucose at a lower level. I guess the trick in this disease is to eat less and eat the right foods and maintain your medications.
• United States
8 Feb 07
Thanks for posting, being a mild diabetic you wouldn't feel the same effects as someone who was diagnosed and not borderline. I have had it 13 years and only the last 2 have had all kinds of diabetic related problems. I have a bulging disc, herniated disc, chronic fatique and it makes it hard to do alot of exercises most people can do to lose weight, which just means it takes me longer to shed the pounds regardless of how less i eat and yes I take my medication once a day as directed. The key is how you stated to eat less, but make sure to be balanced in your diet; eating the right foods and sticking to your calorie intake prescribed for you while taking your medication. I never knew I was walking around as a diabetic til one day I asked for a complete physical from my doctor who thought I didn't need it as the semi one he did was always fine. Well he was wrong, by the time he did the test i had high blood sugar to say the least. 2 weeks later afer being on the diet i went blind temporarily. I gained weight as my thyroid stop working properly and that is all she wrote it has been a battle ever since. I think it is worst with the other ailments or diseases you have and diabetes on top of it. It complicates things much more with your health.
@shikamaru (126)
• Indonesia
20 Feb 07
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@anonymili (3138)
11 Feb 07
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes less than a year ago even though I had asked my doctor about symptoms I had neary 2 years ago. I was very distressed at first but insisted that I wanted to try diet control rather than go onto medication. The doctor wasn't keen on this at all but I was determined to control my illness myself. I watch what I eat and regularly check my sugar levels. I am managing quite well almost a year later although sometimes my sugar levels go a bit higher than they should. I try to exercise every morning and have good days and bad days.
@Kowgirl (3491)
• United States
10 Feb 07
When I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2004 I thought, well this is it...I am going to starve... Having to give up the foods we like the most was what makes this disease so hard to cope with. Then my doctor told me about the low-carb diet. So I started looking everywhere for low-carb recipes. I found recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, puddings, pizza, pasta and all kinds of goodies that I thought I couldn't eat. I don't have to give up the foods I like anymore, all I have to do is find different ingredents to prepare them with. I take Glipizide 2 times a day and 500 mg of Cinnamon 2 times a day. I don't get a lot of exercise because I have osteoporosis and I can't walk or stand for a long period of time. But I do exercise sitting down. I don't keep a journal but I do test my glucose level 2 times a day and keep a record of it. So far I have been able to keep my glucose level down with this diet and still enjoy the foods that I like. Diabetes is no longer a problem for me as I have learned how to control it. Wishing you the best of health.
@Anniedup (3652)
• Richards Bay, South Africa
9 Feb 07
Have you tried a product called Diabecinn? It is not a total solution but my husband was diagnosed 3 months ago and i really did a lot of research, and came across this product,his sugar level is quite stable, but i must add he uses it together with a healthier food plan. Hope you find this helpful,i know how devastating this disease is and the effect on the whole family. God Bless