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February 8, 2007 5:56pm CST
Why do I get sent these announcements saying that I have a free gift card and all I have to do is fill out a survey that survey leads to another survey and by the time all is sadi and done they want to charge me "shipping & handeling" when I really want is just the free gift card that I was promised in the first place! Is anyone else tired of this?
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@freak369 (4989)
• United States
10 Feb 07
I get, on average, 20 emails a day with these offers. Most of them involve signing up for places like NetFlix or Columbia House and you have to fill out all sorts of surveys or complete offers to qualify for a free gift card. These places are scams and rank right up there with the "Free PS2" and "Free iPod" sites. Then there are referrals to deal with; people post that they have received stuff from sites and that lures people into signing up and getting entangled into all sorts of things. I wrote an article about these "free sites" over at Epinions and listed some of the legit sites that you can go to. Places like Freeride, MyPoints and a few others as well as scams to watch out for. If you are interested in reading it, you can check it out here: Avoid anything that seems too good to be true, that's the best advice I can give anyone in regards to the 'free' programs that are out there.
• Defiance, Ohio
10 Feb 07
I think freak369 said it righjt. Please read the artlice she left a link for. I did and it was an excellent article. It did have me check a few more articles out while I was on the site. It has some great information.
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