How many e-mail ID's do you have?

February 8, 2007 10:38pm CST
I have eight e-mail id's of different domain. And i like gmail and Yahoo! How about you? And which one do you like more?
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@meteor (22)
• Chengdu, China
25 Mar 07
:)it seems that most people have many e-mail id`s.i thought i have too many e-mail id`s fact i only have four e-mail id`s.recently i signed up a gamil,it is good for me.
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• China
27 Mar 07
we sign up for many e-mail IDs,just to choose the best one.
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
i have 6 email id's from four different domains. i think i've got more i've just forgotten about the others and i don't also use it much. my favorite is gmail because it has more space than yahoo or hotmail free accounts.:)
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• India
9 Feb 07
Yeh, Me too like Gmail more. Because its so lite!
@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
12 Sep 08
I have three that I use regularly, and a bunch more that I use primarily with GPT sites. I'm glad that I still have a couple that haven't been completely overrun with spam or online business related emails. For online earners, it's really important that you devote at least one email address to use to write to your friends and family because your other email addresses will get very busy in a hurry!
• United States
25 Mar 07
I have four Yahoo accounts, three Hotmail, One server account, and one work account. So I have nine accounts total! What a pain sometimes!