Higher Education

February 8, 2007 11:21pm CST
I started taking up Master Degree in Financial Management but I did not finish. When it comes to mathematical calculations there is no difficulty. I had work in a college my boss is taking up master degree. I worked so hard and she used my work to support her master degree requirement I feel cheated. I did all the hard work and she used it to claim her honor. It is a sad expereince. I wish I had finish my master degree. I have a friend who finish his Ph D. He worked as a Vice President in a Unversity - that is a top job. If you want to have high position in a corporate ladder - Master Degree is a must.
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• Philippines
9 Feb 07
That sounds frustrating. Sometimes people step on someones shoe in order to succeed. Just relax. Why don't you continue your masteral now? I think it is not late. You can still find a new job if you like where you can be honored. I believe you are capable and has talent.
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
I admire people who has reached higher education. Intelligent people are rare to find. When I meet one, I tell it to other people, I am proud having met them. I ask them to be mentors.