Would you rather be far too tall or far too short?

February 9, 2007 10:55am CST
I think I would rather be far too tall because at least you can tower over people that way.
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@wolfie34 (26816)
• United Kingdom
9 Feb 07
I'm already tall, at 6 foot 3, so a few more inches wouldn't make any difference, I would hate to be too short, because I wouldn't be able to carry the weight. I would be easy pickings for muggings and being victimized, because of my height I do have the advantage as well as being well built because I go to the gym and body build. Being tall has more advantages and you do stand out in the crowd. The worst part of being tall? Travelling on public transport, where leg room is very minimal, that's why I hate travelling on planes!
14 Feb 07
I know a bloke who's 6'7 and he always has problems with banging his head and sitting on planes and things. I always feel safe with him because doubt anyone would start a fight with him. Although he's moved away now to Aberdeen so I dont see him much these days :( or my other friend whos his girlfriend.
• United States
9 Feb 07
I wouldn't want to be either. But then it all depends on the gender, an extremely tall man, I don't think would have as much as a problem in life, love, etc. as an extremely tall woman may have a bit of difficulty in those areas. I think the opposite is true if a person is an extremely short woman. There may be some difficulties but I think it would be more difficult for a man to be extremely short than it would be for a woman. So if I had to choose I would say extremely short.
14 Feb 07
I think if I was a man I would rather be extremely tall, but there are also advantages of being a tall woman with long legs (not that I am).