Can You Wash A Coat That Is Tagged "Dry Clean Only?"

United States
@freak369 (4038)
February 11, 2007 8:05pm CST
I have a couple of older wool jackets from various sporting teams; they are wool and marked 'dry clean only' on the tags but there are only two places in my area that dry clean these types of coats. Both places said that it is a two week job; so I have to assume that they are going to send them elsewhere to be done. That worries me; I have a sentimental attachment to both of them and have the feeling that if I take them there, they will get 'lost' and they won't be able to replace them. Has anyone ever tried washing something that was marked 'dry clean only' in the washer? If so, how were the results? There's no leather on them and the inner shell can be removed and I've washed that with no problems.