5 Lessons

February 11, 2007 10:25pm CST
If you were to teach your kid 5 lessons you learned in life, thus far, what would those lessons be? I'm assuming here that we'd all teach them to be kind and follow the golden rule, so maybe we can skip that from the list. Unless, you have a modification to it... 1. Value trust 2. Age and wisdom do not always coincide with each other 3. When people tell you they can handle the truth, it could be just their way of making you admit to something or tell them something you would otherwise keep from them 4. Being independent, or wanting to do stuff on your own doesn't necessarily mean that you won't appreciate other people's help or support 5. There are always people who love you
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@earth2jacq (1503)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
Here are mine: 1. Prayer is powerful. When there seems to be no way the Lord will make a way. 2. Don't say harsh things as there may come a time when you need to eat what you said. 3. Trust is difficult to earn. So don't break it. 4. When going through a broken heart, always remember that there are actually a lot of people going through it at the same time. So cheer up. 5. Time lost can never be found again.
@frinces (419)
• Philippines
13 Feb 07
If I would have 5 lessons to teach to my kids, well, it should be based on the teachings of the Bible. I want to raise them not with my own knowledge and skills or even with my instinct. I want to teach them the Christian way of living. I want to raise them to be a good member of the Iglesia ni Cristo.
• Philippines
13 Feb 07
i respect that answer. but how about the question on reality, i mean, they'll also be dealing with people who don't really abide by any religious teachings, how would you make your kid be aware of that? or don't you want to put in your own words, based on your own experience, the lessons you're going to teach your children?