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February 12, 2007 4:02am CST
Have you ever tried any of the national advertised "get rich" ("get rich quick") schemes or no of anybody that has? If so, was it successful or not? I have a feeling most will say it was not successfuljust because fo th natrue of these programs, so, what did you feel were the stumbling blocks of the program? To time consuming, to complicated, just doesn't work, etc. Please be specific and especailly any successes.
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@ryanwelsh (167)
12 Feb 07
The company has about one person who gets ritch quick to set and example to people who have joined and to attract other people. It is a scam though because if it was easy to get ritch quick..just tihnk about it eveyerone would be doing it wouldn't they? Nothing is for free in this day and age remember that.
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13 Feb 07
I didn't really expect the success stories but I hoped I would get some personal experiences with them. Doesn't look like I am going to get very many responses at all. Thank You for your post.