Will your dog wear a diaper? Mine is a big baby.

United States
@brokentia (10397)
February 12, 2007 12:19pm CST
click to enlarge - This is my dog KC in diapers because she is in heat
Now, before you get upset, please read why she is in a diaper. :) My beagle-jack russel mix dog, KC, wears a diaper when she is in heat. LOL I cut a little hole out for her tail and fasten it on. Sure it falls off from time to time. But for the most part, it stays on and protects the furniture and carpeting from getting blood on it. If you have ever had a dog in heat or season as the vet calls it, then you know it is like a woman on a period. It can make for a bad mess and stains. So, instead of spending 50 bucks on a special pair of pants for dogs when they go into heat, I spend 5 bucks on cheap diapers and cut out a hole! Now, you also see her in a jacket too. LOL But that is also because she has thin fur and refuses to go outside to pee when it is cold out unless she has a jacket on. LOL I think she believes she is human. ha ha So, will your dog wear a diaper? Have you ever seen a dog in a diaper? I think this is one of my better ideas for saving money. Because my partner was so ready to spend that much money on the special pants for her to save from staining the house. LOL