Simply amazing how impossible it is for me to get money online.

@shomomo (850)
February 12, 2007 1:50pm CST
I've started a mission a few months ago, almost a year. I wanted to come up with 20$ in my paypal account in order to purchase something on eBay and that's it, then I would quit this "making money online" nonsense because I didn't make too much from it. Little did I know how small my earnings came to be, after about a year of trying really hard at many many sites I've collected 5$! I've tried signing up to all of these Pay-for-action sites but all of them support US only and/or request you to do something with your credit card which I don't have... Does anyone has anything to suggest?
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@aprilsue00 (1992)
• United States
12 Feb 07
keep posting on mylot. i have made over twenty dollars in one month on here. the more you post the more you get paid. it is really easy to reach their minimum payout every month.
@shomomo (850)
• Israel
15 Feb 07
It sounds easy but I find it difficult to talk in a language which is not my native one.
• Germany
13 Feb 07
As said before keep posting, what you'd make in a year that's what I made in half a month alone on mylot. Keep posting. By the way with your 300 post you should already have 10$ I guess if your posts good enough.
@karsted (240)
• Canada
13 Feb 07
I plan on sticking with Mylot. Every other site I have ever checked out has been a scam, so I am pretty happy here. I like posting and reading discussions. And watching my $$ grow a little each day, just makes the pot sweeter.
@GardenGerty (101690)
• United States
13 Feb 07
How are you doing on myLot? I definitely have done more than twenty dollars each time I got paid. Put as much time and energy into this as you did them and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. For me, MyLot pays.
@re08dz (1941)
• Australia
12 Feb 07
Have you tried setting up your own websites or blogs and adding income streams to them - it might take a couple of months but once you start earning from them it just keeps growing. And as others have mentioned, here at myLot you should get that $20 reasonably quickly - again it might be a couple of months but if you give quality responses etc it'll add up before you know it :-)
• Switzerland
12 Feb 07
Most of the sites are bogus sites, which want to collect your information for their database. Even I have tried my hands at all those things. There are few sites which do pay, but for them, the membership is not free. Also, I am not sure if they do actually pay or not, since I haven't got paid till now. Experience teaches you in life. Try to make money on this site. After you collect your money, try to shop for what you want, but it wont be easy. Best of luck!!
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
12 Feb 07
Well, you are at the right place here :) you can easily make $20 in one month at mylot if you login daily and make quality responses and discussions, also if you can refer a few active people you can make much more.. good luck and welcome to mylot :)