Best pen to write with/have

February 14, 2007 4:15am CST
Which pen is the best model to write with? Why did you choose this pen? Does it come in a wide-range of standard colours? Do you have the pen because of it's mechanism or it's stylish case? Or, are you more for functionality and practicality? Looking forward to your opinions on 'the pen'.
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@d_eagle (100)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
my boyfriend gave me a journal including a pen that really match its paper, i really love the ink of the pen because its claim is dry safe and its true. i left it uncovered for 1 day and still working. from then im using staedtler triplus fineliner, it comes with different colors. its not stylish though, and not refillable but its worth the price.
• Australia
15 Feb 07
My favorite pens are Pilot G-Tec (Hi-Tec) 0.4mm pens. The tip is very fine which makes anything I write look really neat and pretty, haha. But seriously, these are the best pens I've EVER used, even if they're a little more expensive than others. Sadly, they're notoriously hard to find here in Australia. (I came from the Philippines and they were available in this large chain of bookstores). So sometimes I've had to content myself with those ballpoint Pilot ones or Uniball Signo RTs, which are fine and the latter is the closest I've come to my favorite pen, but I'd still have Pilot G-Tecs any day. Obviously, I can be a little particular with pens! Hahaha, sorry on to your other questions. It does come in a lot of other beautiful colors, but I only use black. As I said earlier, they're pretty expensive, so for other colors, I use other pens. And I use it really for its mechanism, although it does come in a simple case which I like though.
@as2006 (5041)
• Israel
14 Feb 07
I write a lot in over the day, I love to write with pencil,becouse I can change etc'. but letters, plans,draft,proportion I try to do with Rotring markers,or writing-tool,especialy with Prker.
@yanjiaren (9050)
14 Feb 07
i like gel pens cos i am trying to learn towrtie in chinese at the mment and the characters come out better..almost like calligraphy..oh i have tried the brush aswell but that will take me a took me one week to write wo ai ni decently with a brush ..painting it for four hous a day..that is how miserable i was when apart from my hubby for so long..gel pens rock..
@lauraaxe (1597)
• Italy
14 Feb 07
I think that the best pens are the mont blanc because they write very very well and they are so resistent and have a great mechanism and also a very fashion style! Maybe their costs is too expensive for many people like for me! There are also pens in carbon and with diamonds!this can be a good gift for a medic or giournalist or lawyer