Yippee...a Porsche for Valentines!

@soccermom (3200)
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February 14, 2007 5:10pm CST
So my uncle bought my aunt a Porsche for Valentines. My grandma emailed everyone in the family to let them know. I could care less, my hubby and I think Valentines is ridiculous, but my mom came flying into the office today just flipping out. She's convinced my g-ma sent out this email just to point out that my dad is not "all that" when it comes to Valentines. I told my mom what should she care what my uncle gave my aunt, her and dad love each other every day of the year, they take long weekends together, do things on a whim "just because". Where as my uncles idea of a great gift is a piece of metal. Last year he got her breast implants, one year a nose job. If you truly think about it who are these gifts really for? She's still irritated and I think it's silly. Here's my question...when did it start to happen that the amount you're loved is directly linked to how many and how expensive the gifts are that one receives? Why do you think society thinks like this?
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14 Feb 07
Wow, that's definitely one expensive Valentines gift! I'm not sure how I'd react if I got something like that. Sometimes, society worries me with what they think love means.
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