do red cars get stopped over more by cops ...?

red car - wicked!!!
February 15, 2007 2:35pm CST
i heard this at some place and gave it a thought ... does any of u find a link of red with cops stoppin? maybe its like obsessed with speed are also passionate about havin red cars ... what do u think?PEACE!!!
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@speakeasy (4215)
• United States
26 Feb 07
Personally, I think it is just an excuse. I had heard all the stories about cops pouncing on red cars and giving them tickets because "red cars look like they are speeding when they aren't" and "red cars catch the cops eye more". But, last year I got a great deal on a little red sports car and bought it against my better judgement; knowing tickets would be in my future. But guess what, I rarely speed (usually within 5 mile of the speed limit); I see and get passed by cops all the time and I have NEVER been pulled over in it! I think it has more to do with how fast the driver goes; than it does with the color of the car!
• Pakistan
27 Feb 07
wow ... good for you ... i think that depends on our practical experiences ...
@lifeiseasy (2292)
• United States
17 Feb 07
I have to say this is true ...I just bought a red chevy avalanch and two months after owning it I got stopped doing 98 an the interstae that was a $200 ticket no less ...before I owned a green Nisasn 4x4 pick up and never got stopped and I always speed I truly think this is a fact ... the funny thing is the dang Nissan will go faster than the chevy haha...
• Pakistan
18 Feb 07
lol ... i think red is like catchy n all ... or maybe it just looks fast coz its red
@wayz12 (2059)
• United States
15 Feb 07
I've heard that little piece of information about red cars getting stopped more often compared to other color of vehicles. I have not read any formal statistics to back up any conclusion, but if I can hazard an opinion, I think its because its more noticeable than other colors. Red demands attention and in a sea of plain-colored vehicles like silver, gray, black or blue, a red car streaking at a certain speed is more likely to catch the attention of a cop than any other car.
• Pakistan
16 Feb 07
yea maybe ur rite