Who invented Time?can you answer it?

February 16, 2007 5:08am CST
Time is precious and dont waste time.This words always comes from my father ,when i simply wasted time.But who invented this time?.Who was the great person who worked out that are 365 day,52 weeks to a year,24 hours to a day,7 days to a week.60 minutes to an hour and 60 second to a minute.Is it created by God or Human brain.Ever you think of it.I think never.
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@mcarps79 (1262)
• Uganda
17 Feb 07
it is made by man....after a gr8 analysis...I think...
• Pakistan
16 Feb 07
Time N Clock  - Time Is Ticking Away
Oh sreejithsreenivas You Are Right It Is a very Important Question. Time It is the Nost Precious And Most Important Thing. But Who Invented It. I think God Only Created The Time. Its Knowledge And Units And System Was Made by MAN. It may be called Invention But It was only though I think.
@andiwpd (142)
• United States
16 Feb 07
Ah, your basic mind boggler. Everything has a beginning and an end, yet time has always existed. Kinda like how high is up.