myLot ettiquette

February 16, 2007 11:02am CST
When you post a question or topic for discussion here on myLot, then you hope lots of people will read it, be interested and reply. My question is, as the author of the discussion thread, do you then reply to each of the comments that people have made, like saying thank you for your post etc or do you just rate the replies? I started by replying to everyone, but sometimes it takes too long or I end up repeating the same thing, so then I decided to be selective with who I replied to but I don't want to appear rude to anyone else. I'd like to know what other people do.
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@XxAngelxX (2832)
• Canada
16 Feb 07
It is a direct violation of mylot's guidelines to simply post a thank you (which I only recently found out) therefore I have tried very hard to come up with something else to add to the responses people make in my discussions. Sometimes I just find it impossible to add anything especially if they agree with me. I always rate all the responses though and hopefully no one is offended if they don't get a return comment from me.
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16 Feb 07
Wow, maybe my question wasn't in vein, thank you for the advice. I should have said that in the replies i've posted before I've always tried to quantify my response or at least extend the questions to try and add to the debate. I didn't know it was in direct violation of the guidelines so that just goes to show that you learn something new everyday.
@livewyre (2455)
9 Mar 07
The first thing I do when I log on is to check that I am the last respondant on at least the last dozen discussions I have started (I usually am!! I don't get tons of responses as a rule). I post replies where I have received a response and then go and check to see if I have had responses to responses on other discussions. I jst can't help it I'm too polite....or I like the last word...
@livewyre (2455)
9 Mar 07
that should have been I like to HAVE the last word....
@bluewings (3857)
8 Mar 07
I always have something to add to every ( well,almost ) comment I receive,but as you rightly pointed out,sometimes it might be an overwhelming task to comment to every response.Until now,I have commented to all,but as I go along I will have to find a solution.I just hope respondents don't think I am ignoring their post if I can't reply,because I read every single response and rate them.I find it a little hard to comment on one and bypass the other.I am still searching for a solution.Probably responding to some of their discussions will be a good way to acknowledge their response to my discussion.Just a thought,but I am still looking.
@gigisexy (220)
• Philippines
17 Feb 07
I used to respond to all thier comments and sometimes i rate them as's up to you how you wanted,,but,i guess it's nice to feel that you were awknowledge.Good day my friend!!!