Is Tea good for our health???

@koh2007 (341)
February 16, 2007 11:31pm CST
Just a question.. Is Tea good for our health?? Drinking too much tea will harm our body??? Is it ok to put sugar to mix with tea?? Pls share with me.. Thanks..:)
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• Nepal
17 Feb 07
I think tea is good for health if you dont drink too much tea. Too much drinking anything is bad for health.
@nancyrowina (3850)
17 Feb 07
I've heard that it is, but because all we British put milk in it we undo the positive effect it has on our health. :(
• China
17 Feb 07
Of course,The tea is one kind of good drink. It is said that the tea contains 400 about kinds of chemical substance. The tea drink can make people very spirit,it can enhance the people's memory,active the people's nurve system,approve the people's digest system etc.But it also can not get the same result for the health according everyone. First thing i think is the origin of tea, if the tea environment produced is not good such as chemical pollution etc,it's harmful obviously.Then when you made the tea at the mid night, but you drink at the next day,It's also harmful. It is said that some special people is not suitable for the tea drink.For example,the women are pregnant and in the special days once a month, also the thin people are not suitable for the tea. it can block the protein be obsorbed.The people have a not good stomach or in anemic are not good at tea.So you can decide that drinking a little or more is usefull or not for your health.
• United States
17 Feb 07
tea is full of antioxidants. too much of anything isn't good. adding milk to tea isn't good either.