can you consider yourself as a best wife or husband?

@sheramel (228)
February 18, 2007 1:01am CST
yes iam a best wife...because i`ll do everything for him..i allow him in everything,but not having any woman....and i think he cant do that to me because i am a nice wife to him
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@sahira (1072)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
I dnt can only say you are best if the husband said so,,for me,i do not know..of course sometimes there's ups and downs in a relationship,sometimes there's misunderstanding,and in that point in time,you can still say you are the best?when you are both happy and have no problems,maybe husband and wife feel that they are not just best but perfect!..everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion..personally for me,so long as i obey him,i love him,and i do everthing for's ok.nobody's perfect.
@rusty2rusty (6767)
• Defiance, Ohio
19 Feb 07
I use to be like that with my ex husband. Til I found out he cheated anyways. Now I am remarried and have changed doing some thing with my current husband. I don't let him take me for granted. Be creaful or your husband can take you for granted. Cause you let him do everything. And do everything for him. It can back fire.
• United States
19 Feb 07
I believe I am because I do everything for him and not because he tells me to but because I love him and like doing it. We have been married for 33 years and I always have done this. We have our little spats but hey that is what makes the world go round. Marriage is great and I am so cool.