What kind of stuff do you buy or sell on ebay?

United States
February 18, 2007 3:00am CST
I like to buy baby formula & coupons for formula & diapers on ebay when I can find good deals. I also will buy some baby clothes & maternity clothes & a few other odds & ends, I love finding good deals and saving money whenever I can. I also sell some stuff on there occasionally, like when I get the Sunday paper & have tons of coupons that I won't use or get formula coupons for brands that I dont use like Similac & Good Start (My daughter is on Enfamil) & Huggies diaper coupons, my daughter can only use pampers. I like being able to pass the savings on to someone who can use them as opposed to throwing them away, I feel like its throwing money away. Am I strange or do other people feel like this too? I also sell some clothes & stuff, if they are in like new condition and stuff, and if I go shopping & find a good deal that I can't use sometimes I will go ahead & buy the stuff & put it on ebay to pass the savings along. What about you? Do you use ebay? What do you buy or sell?