Learning foreign languages at home?

@thebeing (657)
February 18, 2007 3:07pm CST
Hello! Do you study, at home, any foreign language? I mean, a language that u didn't study at school at all. I am trying to learn German, i have some proggies, but...without a person to talk to, to conversate with, i think that one could not learn too good a foreign language. What do you think? And, another question...would you join a forum with such a theme? Learning foreign languages? DO you think it would work?
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• Kuwait
26 Aug 07
yes specially when you have internet access at home and your are eager to that. learning or doing something is possible it you are dedicated and has a fucos on it, learning another language is a big challenge for those who set at home and not on the go to met someone who can help to learn more.
@jayalaksmi (1041)
• India
26 Aug 07
Yes learning foreign language in home is a very good option. You can learn foreign language in home through internet. You are right, you can get help by joining a forum of such foreign language.
24 Jul 07
It is very difficult to learn any foreign language on your own and that for different reasons: you get bored. No language can be learned just by listening, you have got to be able to speak. Of course it helps to go to a private school, if for no other reason that you are practically forced not to give up. One way that has helped me to improve my learning, at least at the beginning (I am Italian and am fluent in English, German and French) was reading children books, where the sentences are pretty simple and work on them (changing tenses, situations, etc.) Your succes depends largely on the reason why you want to know a foreign language. Usually, it it is just a hobby, it will be easier to give up, but if plan to move to the country where that language is spoken, then you will stick with it. My best suggestion: try and meet some people from Germany in your city and strike out a relationship with them. That helps a lot. He, she or they may even be greatful for the opportunity.