paying for it.

February 18, 2007 4:14pm CST
i saw a topic about paying for it, i have a story that will shock you, its a person i know but no buy peson just online. this guy i started talkng online he seem like a nice guy, he wanted to m--t me i said no thanks of course. but most of all he just wanted to p-y me £600 p---ds for s-- i told him to get lost of course.... we where chatting and in his confo he was telling me how he pays e----t women for s-x and he does this evey week which is crazy, he tel me what he does to them in the end i had to put him on the ignore list. he told me he was in thailand and how he paid 3 young women for s--x and how he really h--t one off them. though r---h s--x i thought this was really bad the poor girl what she must of gone though with him, but he was stating she wanted him to be r---h with her coz it turns her on and she gets akick from it, if i was aloud 2 post what he said u be really shocked... but why do men have 2 pay for it, they must be lacking in salfe asteam or sumthink to having to pay for s-x. what about women on adult site selling them self on cam if u ask me its just getting too much and ssumthink should be done before it gets out of hand what do people reckon i mean this guy also has a daughter how would he feel if it was the other way round
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@flowerchilde (12547)
• United States
18 Feb 07
...we might as well get a thick skin, because society is not going to get any better, as it's moving in the other direction and one thing leads to another, and it's a downward spiral, as the nations have thrown off their cultures, traditions, marriage as societal building block and morality..