why ain't anyone respondin to ma discussion

February 21, 2007 1:30pm CST
m a new member here nd for couple of days i've been startin new discussions but noone's respondin..........why da heel is it so?
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• India
27 Feb 07
No Response - a photo showing bugged cartoon.
its bit upsetting when you get zero response for your discussion topics. it happens with most of us. i went through your topics. since you are new here, lemme tell you to make your topics more interesting by making it descriptive. post topics which may not be very appealing to you but very appealing to the audience here on mylot. go through other people's discussions and do some research work. its only a matter of time and few more posts that you'll start getting loads of responses. all the best!
@pumpkinjam (5800)
• United Kingdom
21 Feb 07
I think one problem might be the way you write your question. I know it is only dialect but I found I had to read it a few times before I knew what you were trying to say. Also, I looked at your other questions and the reason people aren't answering may be because you are asking very similar questions which are asked regularly. Try some less common questions.
@spr1967 (208)
21 Feb 07
Hi,i guess some of the discussions dont appeal to certain people. Your not alone! Keep posting i am sure you will get some replies