Im one excited rookie!

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February 21, 2007 2:02pm CST
Last year I planted red onions. Actualy my son who is five, four at the time, helped me and he maintianed the garden where he also grew pumpkins. He is still very young and I am trying to help him learn to take care of things on his own so for the most part after teaching him how to tend a garden I left it alone. I have never tried to grow onions before. The pumpkins were small but otherwise great but the onion stems we dried out and looked like they didnt make it. I looked in my sons garden this week and the onions were growing great. I guess I should have figured they would stay in the ground all year long since they are a bulb, but I was surprised. Has anyone else been surprised by their garden? Has any one grown onions and might be able to tell me when to pick them?
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22 Feb 07
I grow a big garden every year. I also plant onions. I plant them early in the spring when it is still cool out. When you pull them depends on what you want them for. You can pull them when they start to get their tall green stalks and use them as green onions. You can also wait a couple months and pull them when the stalks get huge and start falling over. I also make sure to put fertilizer on the garden and work it in before i plant anything. Hope that helped a little. Just let me know if you need anymore help.
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25 Feb 07
Thanks for your help. I am going to pick some as green onions, but the rest I am going to let get big. I am really excited. I feel like something I thought I had failed at was really a success. I will give it a while and let you know how it goes. Thanks again.