Depression... Illness or state of Mind

@cjkicks (156)
United States
February 21, 2007 11:59pm CST
I had been dealing with depression most of my life, and didn't really know it. I am now on medication and am feeling much better, but realize that I will now be taking these meds for the rest of my life. It is okay with me because I am feeling so much better and life is once more worth living. I see alot of people here who write posts about being depressed and I worry that they won't get the help they need. Understanding what I have learned about Depression and the syptoms of it is still a little hard for me. Do you all have any info that can help. Thanks.
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@patgalca (14649)
• Orangeville, Ontario
22 Feb 07
I believe there are different types of depression, just as every individual is different. Some people may have a chemical imbalance that will require them to stay on the medication for the rest of their life (like you and me). Some people have something deep inside that is bothering them and need some counselling to help dig it out. With others it can be a matter of being overwhelmed with the way life is for them in a given time. If they cave to that then the depression will worsen. They too need counselling to help them find coping mechanisms. I guess this would be considered state of mind. For some people just making one small change in their life will make a big difference. Well, maybe a big change. It depends on what that change is. It could be adding exercise to your daily routine, or it could be getting a different job, or spouse. I didn't realize how miserable I was in my first marriage until it ended. The fog cleared and I found myself much happier. In any case, people should consult their doctor when they are feeling tired all the time and sad. They should try both counselling and medication and hopefully be able to get off the medication at some point. I tell you, my sister has become a totally different person after going through counselling. We can thank her s/o for that. He insisted she change her attitude and she needed a counsellor to help her with that... as do I. So I will be back on the couch soon. But I know I will still need the medication as I tried on a couple of occasions to go off of it and the difference was, well, depressing.
@cjkicks (156)
• United States
22 Feb 07
What a great reply and yes I have found that the couseling has helped alot on getting things off my chest so to speak and letting go of some of the baggage I had felt I needed to carry. There has been alot of discussions I have seen about these things and it has made me want to do some more research on the subject. I don't mind the medication as long as I know I can feel better. Thank you again.