Future Senators will spent 45 million pesos for Advertising

February 22, 2007 11:06pm CST
So much money is spent for a candidate to get media attention. Who will finance this luxury? Only the rich can afford to have high position in the government. Later they will use their position to help those who put them in position. Corruption begins in selling your votes and when they are seated its a different story. Third world country politics can not guarantee economic progress.
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@mic123 (204)
• India
24 Feb 07
If there is corruption from the topmost level to the lowest level how can a country succeed/Its very difficult for anyone for that matter to live in such a state.As I said survival of the fittest.There is no other solution
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
23 Feb 07
Don't think this is limited to third world countries. Exactly the same thing is happening right now in America, only the amount of money involved is multiplied many times. This is what we call a democracy, a government elected by the people for the people. What a joke!