misandrism vs misoginism

@thebeing (657)
February 23, 2007 9:22am CST
well, do you think that there is misandrism in this world? i think that there is a lot of it! i bet most people don't even know what that is... i won't bother for those people to explain it. there are dictionaries.
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23 Feb 07
I hate to respond to anything other than the topic at hand, but I have to mention the terminology here. If you are going to request that people use a dictionary, it would be best to use words that can be found in one. The use of the suffix "-ism" is trendy, but not correct in this case. The correct terms are "misandry" and "misogyny" respectively. If you insist on using the "-ism" at the end, then you still keep the first "y" in "misogyny" making the word "misogynism." As for the actual question, of course there is misandry in the world. Pick any part of being human (skin tone, hair color, nationality, accent, gender, social class, economic class, genealogy, what your great uncle Jed did to my great uncle Cletus, etc.) and you can find some person or group who hates some other person or group for that reason. However, I do not think that there is as much misandry in the world as certain pundits would have us believe. The idea of the man-hating feminist is more of a bogeyman (sorry, bogeywoman) than an actual day-to-day experience. Feminism is, for the vast majority, simply the radical belief that women are human beings. That may not be where you were going with this, so if I am mistaken then please forgive my assumptions.