goth music

February 23, 2007 2:11pm CST
i was just wondering, i love goth music, but is it true that it contains hidden messages anti- christ or encouraging to worship the devil? my mom doesn't appreciate me listening to that kind of music :( P.S.: I LOVE cradle of filth
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23 Feb 07
I don't think they really have messages telling you to worship the devil. But even if they did surely you have the strength of mind to resist. You should tell your mum that you are old enough and mature enough to not do something just because you are told to in some music.
• Lebanon
23 Feb 07
well i believe so too, i am strong enough mentslly not to accept these msg ( if they really exists) but when i try to reason with my mom she doesn't quite get it
@ulalume (714)
• United States
16 Jan 09
What is most hilarious to me about Cradle of Filth and "worshipping the devil" is the fact that that impression should be made about the "on the surface" aspects, such as album art and song titles; not so much "hidden messages." If these messages exist they are calling for freedom from religion (Satanism), not "worshipping the devil." That idea is to bland for this modern day. Music is music, you get what you get. Read the lyrics. If you like them, listen to it with no fear. If you dislike it, don't think there is a hidden meaning, you probably dislike it because of its real meaning (or just ignorance when you hear the word rape and take it out of context). Its a strange situation, none the less. I avoid my parents opinions on it altogether. I listen to what I like and I examine all things. You should (and you seem) to do the same.
• Malaysia
13 Nov 07
to me it doesnt matter what is contained in the music i.e. devil worshipping and stuff. i mean you do have a choice right? music is music. and cradle's music is mostly dark poetry to me. very beutiful and if there is an evil messsage there i fail to see it.
@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
8 Jun 07
Theres only two different records I know of that have hidden lyrics. One is By prince I cant tell you what the name of the song is but its pretty obvious. The other one is from ELO. I heard mnay times Led Zeplin had things in their albums but I could never hear anyone saying anything coherently when I played it backwards. There was another heavy metal band not long ago that was in court because some kid killed himself who listened to their music. The thing in question turned out to be the drumemr exhaling not secret lyrics in the song.
@Eisenherz (2911)
• Portugal
28 Feb 07
Nah, that's all catholic crap-propaganda from choir persons who have nothing better to do than to stalk other people's lives. Keep listening to Cradle ;)
• Egypt
25 Feb 07
Letter kills and spirit is lfe. It depends on your spirit and feeling. If you feel in better condition with good health, it is good But,if you feel that there is bad thing moving inside you and your spirit or you feel getting drowsy incapable to mind well,it is bad and i can't encourage. and as you said, you can differentiat( All things are good but we can't do all things we must judge)