What is a samaritan? What is a Gentile?

February 23, 2007 11:57pm CST
In ACTS, these are mentioned. What are they nowadays? What were they then? Was it an ethnicity? a religion?
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@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
24 Feb 07
A samaritan id someone from samaria and a gentile is someonewho is not jewish, that's the biblical version. A good samaritan today is someone who gives to others without wanting anything in return. So, a good samaritan would be the person who donated furniture orclothing to Katrina victims or sent aid to the tsunmai refugees, or just someone who shovels his neighbour's snowy walkway
@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
24 Feb 07
A samaritan was a member of an enemy of the Jews, so that when he stopped to help the injured man he was behaving better than the fellow jews that went around the man. A gentile is any non-jew.
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• India
25 Feb 07
In the Old Testament, 2 Kings 17, we find the origin of Samaritan people whom the Jews in the NT didn't like so much to associate with. Samaria used to the capital of the nation Israel. But Israel disobeyed God and so God sent the Assyrian to invade the Israel. Israel was defeated, and its people were taken as exile to a foreign land, except the poor and the weak. The Assyrian king resettled Samaria with foreigners and these foreigners intermarried with the Israelites left behind. And so these people became mixed race, impure Jews. And so Jews didn't have association with these hybrid people. If you read John 4 you will learn about the relationship between a Jew and a samaritan. Gentiles are the non-Jews. So it is not a religion, but people who did not come through the line of Abraham.
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• Philippines
24 Feb 07
nowadays, samaritans are politicians who donate everything they have to the poor and the needy. When they were already in the position or elected as a government officials they now take back all what they had given during the campaign periods. That is the samaritans nowadays. Gentile are always opossing to all the activities of a good governant and they want to grab the position, so that they will be the one to corrupt the government. In other words, gentile nowadays are envious.