what does your username mean?

@MKpack22 (307)
United States
February 24, 2007 11:41am CST
i've seen some odd usernames on mylot and im just curious what they represent/stand for. for example, MK are my initials, pack stands for the green bay packers and 22 is my favorite number
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• United States
2 Mar 07
My username is a phrase from a song that I really like by my favorite band. I had to user the x to separate the two because the phrase I was originally going to use was taken. So I went with my second favorite phrase.
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@xParanoiax (6998)
• United States
1 Mar 07
Paranoia's not exactly hard to figure out. Though it's the name of two characters in two different stories. One of which is mine, and one that isn't. My character's name isn't truly Paranoia. It's just the identity she assumes when she goes on stage with her band to sing. The other charscter which belongs to my favorite band, Coheed & Cambria, is a member of the Prise. The leader of them to be exact. Who's like an angel-like being who's job is to watch for the return of 'God' which has nothing to do with the God most people believe in, it's actually the character version of the real life writer and singer, Claudio. Anyway..that's who that character is lol. They mean something to me, in that I took something I knew and put into an creative endeavor of my own while being original. Doing something I love: writing.
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@prestocaro (1254)
• United States
24 Feb 07
caro is my nickname and i work quickly... so... prestocaro!
@mido1990 (62)
• Egypt
2 Jun 07
my usernme is mido1990 mido is a nickname for me : ahmed & 1990 is the year when I was born
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
My name is Arsenia Joaquin and so I use my real name as my username. I don't like to hide and I stand by what I am saying wherever I am.
@VKXY62 (1606)
• Australia
19 Mar 07
Hello, this is a good question to ask all of us for sure. OK, my username is VKXY62. VK stands for Australia. ?? you say, howcome? OK then, in the world of amateur radio operators, we are all given callsigns for use on the radio. Each country has its own methods of callsign assignment. It is a very simple thing for Australians, and for other people around the world to recognise us. All Australian amateur radio operators begin with VK. in Canada, they begin with VE. My full callsign is VK3UKF. The 3 indicates which state I live in. 3 for Victoria, 2 for New South Wales, 8 for Northern Territory, etc. It simply follows the postal code system. Some countries have mucked up the simplicity of these and have all sorts of different things at the begginning, depending on class or level of education. The USA is a good example of confusion. XY, I used to drive an old Australian 1970 XY Ford Falcon, only just recently retired. 62, the year I was born. There you go.