quality discussions?

@syndibee (799)
United States
February 24, 2007 10:50pm CST
how is this determined on mylots? is it by the number of ratings and responses. and what about quality responses. how is that determined. it's said you get paid more for quality responses and discussions yet i don't understand how this "quality" is measured. are there any payment guidelines, such as if you have such and such number of responses to your discussion then you get such and such amount. i just have absolutely no idea.
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@smkwan2007 (1036)
• Hong Kong
25 Feb 07
I am not exactly sure how mylot determine which kinds of entries are of quality or which are not. But one of the criteria is quite obvious. Entries with one or two lines only are supposed to be not so welcome. However, there are quite a number of people posting entries with one or two lines and they are doing fine. The second thing they ask for is the discussions or responses should be descriptive. Maybe one of your estimation is correct, the discussions which attract many responses could be the quality ones since they cause enthusiastic replies. This may also increase your earnings too.
@syndibee (799)
• United States
25 Feb 07
hehe now one liners are never welcome are they, in relationships, in excuses, and now in mylot world. i do have fun writing and sharing my opinions i'm just really curious what constitutes quality here as i know each post can't be scrutinized by a mylot advisor.