Did anyone see the ghost video on Most Haunted last night?!

February 25, 2007 6:07am CST
Oh WOW!!! I don't know if you can get Most Haunted (on Living TV) outside of the UK and Ireland? But at the moment the paranormal investigation team are having a three night live vigil from Corvin Castle (the home of Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration for Dracula), in Transylvania, Romania. Last night, outside of the actual show, two security guards making routine videos of the area on their mobile phones captured INCREDIBLE footage! What appears to be a spirit - a white light that rises up out of the ground from a crouch into a running human form, which then runs off the video screen. Now that was the most compelling footage of ghost activity I have ever seen in my life! I think they will show it again tonight on the 'pre-show' programme ('Access All Areas' - Living 2) If you're at all interested in the paranormal, you should definately try and watch this!!! Did anyone else see this last night? What did you think?! Also, just an aside, what did you think of the show in general last night? What did you think of Carl's behaviour in the seance? And Stuart's legs going numb? I found Carl's eyes quite scary lol!
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