How to save a dying board

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February 26, 2007 2:02am CST
I'm on the Nov 06 board and I LOVE it. I have grown so close to the ladies that I shared my pregnancy with... but sadly due to drama and us getting busy with our babies the board seems to be dying. Did that happen to anyone else? Any suggestions on how to save it?
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26 Feb 07
Trolls? We (march 06) have our own board on I'd say talk to some people you are close with on the board and see what they say. We are Drama free now! :) Good luck!
• United States
27 Feb 07
Yep! That was the problem!! We have a chat group now that most people spend all there time in. But I can only get on the computer every now and then so I can't keep up with the chats.
@syndibee (799)
• United States
2 Mar 07
are we really drama free????? i find that when women get bored with their discussions they find a way to create drama...i can say it is troll free tho and a much nicer environment...we saved ours by turning it more private and bringing back siggies!!!!!!!
@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
Well, I dunno if it will be applicable to you guys but what I did with my board is have some sort of fun, friendly contests to get people's attention... One is The Ultimate list like a guinness book... Like for this week, we'll be looking for the one who owns the most number of books and she will be crowned "Book Queen" and will be included on the Ultimate List... They should be open to challengers though... Another is a chat party once in a while to catch up with everyone... Another is having "Post of the Month" where the best post for the month will be chosen and the winner will have their profile/ thoughts/ or anything they like on the "Board of Fame" Small contests and other things like that... I also held a Forum Award and just made special avatars for those who won "Best Avatar", Best Signature, Most Friendly and other categories... ^_^