slain in spirit

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February 26, 2007 1:31pm CST
Has anyone ever been slain in spirit? I have been slain in spirit a few times and I think it is the most wonderful experience in the world. It's hard to explain to those that have never been to a church or service where it is offered. Now that I ihave moved away from my home town where I went to the church that offered this I am missing that experience. If any one else ever experienced this please comment.
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18 Apr 07
I have experienced it in many ways sjohnson. Not only have I witnessed it, I have been laid out, flat on the floor by It. The traditional act as we all know it is mysterious to those who have not actually experienced it, but, as much of a wonderful experience as I know it is, I will tell you something that is even better... To be annointed in such a way as to be completely 'drunk' with the Holy Spirit is something I wish everyone could feel. Equally awesome is to know the Holy Spirit is present and to have no control over your emotions. To laugh and cry at the same time, with no thought of who is watching or what else is happening around you - - - even still, more awesome, is to witness someone you love deeply experience that annointing in such a way that you know beyond any doubt, the Holy Spirit moved in them, causing them to fall on their knees in complete submission to God, through tears and laughter, raising their hands to God in Praise. How awesome it all is. And to think, it's only a very small portion of what we are to feel and know, standing with Him someday. WOW!
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20 Apr 07
I have seen one drunk in the holy spirit before it's awesome tho I have net to experience it myself. Thanks terrilee!
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26 Feb 07
i have never experienced it but i have seen it. What town did you move to. Check out pentecostal type churches. 4Square, pentecostal, non-denominational pentecostal. etc.