Thoughts on Original Trilogy verses New.

United States
February 26, 2007 11:06pm CST
The original Star Wars were classic. They introduced new technologies and opened the door for a lot of special effects in the future. I still think the original trilogy is timeless. But watching the new ones (which still have their strengths) I feel as if some things done to keep that "old star wars" feel was unneccessary. What's with the side swipe screen transitions. I think the new movies were actually quite cheesy. Not only was the dialog bad, but the story line was weak. Why the heck would a strong woman such as the former Queen die from a broken heart. She's a strong woman, she can do without a man! And young Anakin was annoying too. And JarJar, omg don't get me started. I really think they couldve avoided the cheesiness. There was definitely some cheesiness in the original, but it was okay then. And some of the bad lines were done well with great actors. Do you think there was too much effort to give that traditional Star Wars feel to the point where the movies were just plain bad? Take Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, put a new name on it...let's say... "Young Slave Hero Is Born" (dumb name I know) And instead of Jedi call them Samurai...and the Sith just "dark evil baddies" Do you honestly think the movie would have even made a profit? Maybe...but not much. It did well because it was tagged with a name. I enjoyed Episode II and III a bit more but I still think if you overdo something it can just raise the chances ruining it. Don't attack me I love Star Wars I probably put hundreds into collector action figures, dolls, tin lunch boxes, burger king glasses (have almost all of them) tootbrushes, Pez, ect. But you think the new ones could've been done 100x better without the cheesy acting, bad story, pan screen transition, and JarJar!
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@cnetboss (2477)
• Philippines
11 Apr 07
The remastered version of the old trilogy was better than the 1st version because some of the scene are "unclear"
• United States
19 Mar 07
You're so right, Juliemarie84! I was a budding teenager when Star Wars: A New Hope came out, and I loved it more than words can say. 1977 was a very exciting year for many a kid. Luckily, I happened to be on a family trip to California when Star Wars first came out. I saw it a week after it was first released, and saw it seven times after I got home to New York. Firstly - there hadn't been any true epic science fiction since Planet of The Apes, and scifi addicts were salivating at the thought of Star Wars. Secondly, it combined legend with scifi, and that had not been done oh, since forever. I fell in love as soon as I picked up the original comic book. No, I don't have it anymore. I left it in California. Arg! It would have been worth about $5000. The characters in the comic book were a little more scandalous, rougher, and tougher. But that didn't sour the movie for me. I was looking ahead to space dog fights, Jedi, and fun androids. I resent the remaking of the original with new cheapens it. As for the latter movies, I found them to be lacking in the same way that you described. They were terrible. I'm still in love with the original Star Wars Trilogy, unretouched, that is.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
17 Mar 07
Any day I preferred the old trilogy to the new one. The reasons are very simple, when the original trilogy came they were way ahead in terms of technology and visual effects. More than the story it was visual effect that stole all the thunder. Since then technology has evolved a lot and such things are now very much expected in the movie. Also the weight of the expectations meant a stronger storyline was required for the new Trilogy. I think Lucas failed in that. But, even then they were fun watching. But, in comparison to the new Trilogy, the original was better. Cheers! Ram
@ArsonCuff (3121)
• United States
27 Feb 07
the new ones bore me...the old ones entertained me as a kid...but looking back at the old ones, they now bore me too...meh