Have you had a stalker?

February 27, 2007 1:17am CST
I'm not really sure if you can consider it a stalker since this particular person is only bugging me on my cellphone, but it's very annoying how she (or at least someone who sounds like one) gets to know things about me only a few people know. At first I thought it was someone I know just playing with me, but no one I know would go to the extent of what she's doing. She had been bugging me for months and even if I had given more than a hint that I want her to just leave me alone, it seemed to have no effect.
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@bkfuels (1605)
• Canada
27 Feb 07
Yes I have had an actual stalker it got really bad that the police had to give him a restraining order that he could not come with in three blocks of my house. He did not seem to care it did not stop him. This was a old man that I had met and talked to for maybe five minutes. I never really knew him he some how tracked me down and would send flowers to my house every day for about two months, in the beginning I kept them then it got strange I sent them back. It seemed harmless at first then it got really strange he would fill up my answering machine with strange messages my neighbors started reporting him parked on the street for hours. I could write pages about what he did, it had to end. Funny thing is all I did was be nice to someone I did not expect to be harrased the way I was.
• Philippines
27 Feb 07
Whoa that must have been really scary, good thing he didn't seem to be the type that would resort to violence or was he?
@williamjisir (22902)
• China
30 Oct 12
I do not have such a stalker. It would be annoying to have a stalker who keeps bugging. But I do have sometimes a one-minute call from a different place with a different phone number. This bugs me a lot and I dislike it. I am wondering what is wrong with this kind of people who make a one-minute call. They are just unreasonable people to me. Thanks for the discussion, silentwill.
• Philippines
31 Oct 12
What do they call you up for? Do they speak at all?
@Mickie30 (2633)
22 Apr 08
Well once this guy I knew who was supposed to be my friend at college he found out I was Jewish and started phoning my mum and dads where I lived at the time and saying that he was going to kill us. He said he hated Jews' and carried on saying very hateful remarks about us being Jewish. Actually its all coming back to me now and it isn't something I really wanted to remember. It was horrible. So he was sent to court and got let off because he claimed he had mental health problems.
• Philippines
11 Nov 07
My experience is not actually about stalking per se, but I still feel being stalked. There's this one member in a big egroup who always sends me emails that has started to get irritating. Knowing that I write for several publications, she sends me photos of her son asking that I give them to the persons in charge of photos. I was thinking, if she's that much of a stage mom, she should at least have the resourcefulness to find out the email addresses of the persons concerned and not bother someone like me who is not even a regular office staff but is just a contributing writer who works from home. Then, when I ask for inputs from the egroup for one of my articles, she usually responds but her emails have so many grammatical errors, they really gave me headaches! So I don't quote her. But she keeps hounding me to ask when an article (that she responded to) will be published expecting that her name will be printed. I hate disappointing or hurting anybody's feelings so I just diplomatically explain to her that, as I've said in my previous emails, not everyone who responds to my surveys will be included in the final prints because editors have the final word. Gosh, I hope she accepts that explanation. I don't want to tell her directly that what she's sending me are not good enough :(
@d_eagle (100)
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
if just in the cell phone try not to rely to her. or just change your number if it really annoys you. mine is actually following me, i never realize that we are riding the same jeep (this is our public tranpo). i just found out that i have a stalker, when he finally approached me when im about to enter our gate one day. my mother scolded me when i told that incedent to her, i didnt understand then, good thing that guy isnt that bad at all. i didnt realize the danger that could happen to me. he bothered me too in cellphone, but i just dont reply, not even once. then he stopped.
@Rexy_leigh (1189)
• Philippines
27 Feb 07
I once had a stalker, and he was terrible.. he even threatened my boyfriend and said he's gonna kill him if I won't break up with him... i was pretty worried then, so my boyfriend and I tried to avoid him..I ignored all his text messages and phone calls..but worst is, he knew where I was working and he did come to my office...I had no idea when the guard told me somebody wanted to see me...when I went out to check, I just knew it was him, my stalker..and that was the first time I saw him personally... after that, I changed my cellphone number and told the guard that if he ever shows up again, just tell him I was absent so he has no reason to wait for me outside to see him.... that was a pretty scary experience I had...