What you gonna do?

@seduit (55)
February 27, 2007 11:13am CST
If you been given 1,000,000USD, what you gonna do with that money?
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@Neo_Knights (1887)
• Indonesia
28 Feb 07
I'm going to pay all my debt and then cut it in five. One fifth I will use to start a new business and the rest I will invest it and I will live from its interest.
@seduit (55)
• Malaysia
28 Feb 07
That a good idea
@simran1430 (1793)
• India
27 Feb 07
well i will buy every costly thing that i have ever wanted to buy and shop a lots of good clothes accessories and shoes and then give gifts to my parents and also to my good friends , i will donate some money too .
@seduit (55)
• Malaysia
27 Feb 07
That nice you still remember your parent and friends and helping other by donation....
@qhwater (393)
• China
7 Jul 08
oh, if it really happens to me someday, i will worry about how to use so much money. i do not think i need so much. so, maybe i will donate most of them to those who really need money and make them have comfortable life just like bill gates. otherwise, i will feel uneasy at night.
@lovepk58 (57)
• Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
6 Mar 07
i will spend it in the poor people of my country
@sahira (1072)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
How i wish i could have that amount of money..if ever,i would save 50% at the bank,20% to put up in a small buiseness,10% to give to mopsque as a zakat of money,20% to but things that i want.
@hafiz74 (268)
• Malaysia
1 Mar 07
I will invest with buying land property, allocate small amount to invest in forex, buy new car and going to oversea such as Japan, China, Dubai etc...