Tights V Stockings: Which do you prefer?

@hezoid (2147)
February 27, 2007 1:47pm CST
Ok, so there are really two questions i'm asking here. One to the ladies: Which do you prefer wearing, tights or stockings, and why so? The other to the men: Which do you prefer a woman to wear, tights or stockings, and why so? As for me, i just find tights so much more convienient. They don't fall down quite as much as those stocking you get that are supposed to hold themselves up, and you don't get the bulk and fuss of having a suspender belt. Stockings are much sexier, but too much hassle for me!
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@Galena (9123)
3 Mar 07
oh, hell, STOCKINGS. with a seam. and a belt very ladylike, elegant. sophisticated. but then I'm a bit old fashioned in my underwear taste. give me stockings, suspenders and a corset any day.
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• United States
27 Feb 07
I wear them both depends if I feel like being really sexy or just look nice. If you buy the right sockings and belt they are actually very easy to keep up
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@glamgrl (384)
• Ireland
1 Apr 07
just to be contrary id have to say i prefere hold-ups