When partners leave you to be with the a new partner of the same gender.....

February 28, 2007 12:52am CST
Well hopefully this will not happen to me...How would you feel if our partner leaves you to be with a person that is of his same gender (homosexual)? Personally I wouldn't feel insulted but ofcourse I will be hurt. I think I will recover faster because the person he replaced me with have no same grounds of comparison as we are of different genders. I think it is harder for me if he leaves me for another woman because I would be thinking what does that other woman have that I don't unlike if he leaves me to be with another man.
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• Philippines
28 Feb 07
When that happens to me, surely I will be hurt. Leaving me with that reason is like a pain in my heart. It only means that he's not contented with what I am able to give him. I will let go of him and try to move on with my life without him beside me. Besides, it is not the end of it all. It is just another beginning, so why be sad.
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