Corel Photo Album 6

Collage of Winter Days  -  I have included in my collage 14 photos of picture I have taken of different days in winter . If you start on the top left and go clockwise I will describe each picture 1. looking next door ,the snow is up to the top of the fence 2.our back yard in Paradise, Newfoundland - it looked like a painting to me 3.two trucks stopped on a stormy day , one is in the ditch 4.The grandfather ( he is a malamute husky) of my dog Misty . 5.Looking out at the church in a snow storm 6.Sea smoke on the Bay of Fundy 7.view of my backyard in a snow storm 8.Dory's sitting in the field until spring 9.The view across the street at Sunset .10.Sea Smoke on the ocean down the road from me ( on Grand Manan Island) 11.another view of the street on a stormy day 12.Another view of the Sea Smoke on the Bay of Fundy .13. Center picture - A beautiful clear day -looking out my backyard.
February 28, 2007 2:04am CST
I recently purchased Corel Photo Album 6. I have quite a few programs, but this has a couple of features that my other ones don't and it is very easy to use. Your can find all about this software and others like at The feature I like the most so far in this programs is the ability to make collages.It gives you tons of templates and had very easy to use instructions . I have include a picture of one of my collages . It is called Winter Days .
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• Trinidad And Tobago
7 Mar 07
Canon you make a video file from your photos with Corel, to put as a video show on dvd?
@villageanne (8554)
• United States
1 Mar 07
I have never purchased a program for my pictures. I just use the ones that come with my computer. Was it worth the cost that you had to pay for it? Do you use it more than your other programs. I love to put my photos on my computer. I just got a digital camera for Christmas.